segunda-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2007

Deadwood - DPT

Para alegrar uma segunda-feira chuvosa, Dirty Pretty Things com Deadwood, a música de abertura do disco e sem dúvida uma das melhores.

Título: Deadwood
Album: Waterloo To Anywhere


You got the world boy
This all you make it?
You had the choice lad
You wouldnt take it
The oldest charm
Only the best for you

And the years of my life,
Some they were so good,
But now and again I feel
I was a coward
Are the holes in my soul
In tatters for all these tears
Well you dont see it that way

A way, a way
We’lll have it today
The dancing ones they really mean it
But something boy,
somethings gonna change
A way, a way
Youve got it they say
How do they know
When theyve never seen it?
And what will you do
When they forget your name?
Well you’ll up and get another one

Don’t give me that face
I know when I should live in disgrace
Not dig up the deadwood
I knew this place was never the place for me

And of the years that rolled by
Yeah some were so good
But now I know that
You were the coward
The holes in your soul
In tatters for all these years

But you cant see it that way